Shawn Popkie

Certified Master Inspector (CMI)®

Shawn Popkie is the owner and inspector of Castle Home Inspections. When you see that your home inspector is officially recognized as a Certified Master Inspector (CMI)®, you know that you’ve chosen a professional who can be trusted without reservation. Shawn has worked hard to get to where he is today, and he’s proud to be able to represent his clients by helping them buy a home without any legitimate or unfounded fear of making a huge mistake. Knowledge is the determining factor when preparing for a real estate investment, and Shawn goes above and beyond to ensure that home buyers are accurately and comprehensively informed about the strengths and deficiencies of a home’s condition before an investment is final.

Certified Master Home Inspector Shawn Popkie
Certified Master Home Inspector Shawn Popkie
Certified Master Home Inspector Shawn Popkie

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

Shawn has been inspecting homes professionally for over 12 years, but before he ever set out on this journey, he had already learned the ins and outs of residential construction. Shawn has loved the building process since he was young, and over the years, he has done everything from specialized jobs such as framing and electrical work, to building entire homes. Shawn has also done his fair share of investing in the real estate market, acquiring several properties and performing all of his own renovation work. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things in the home inspection industry, and you can trust in Shawn to have the integrity to do the job right—putting his experience to work in order to help you save money and time as an aspiring new homeowner.

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A Master Home Inspector In Every Respect

Shawn is well-known for his adept, detail-oriented approach to inspecting homes, but just as importantly, he is notable for his commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Every client has the option of attending their home inspection, facilitating improved communication by giving you the chance to ask Shawn any relevant questions while you have your eyes directly on existing issues he has discovered in the home’s construction.

There are no bad questions, and in Shawn’s opinion, there is never a bad time to ask them—that’s why he remains available to answer your questions about the home’s condition over the phone for as long as you need.



A $50 discount is available for returning customers—as well as a “bundle up” discount when applicable. Contact us for more information. Appointments are available 7 days a week.

At Castle Home Inspection, we think of a home inspection as a much-needed safety net, protecting home buyers from future headaches by revealing existing issues in a home’s construction so that they can be addressed before the closing date has come and gone. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Castle Home Inspections is a Brookfield-approved business.    

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